Signatures submitted!

We needed to collect 2,000 *valid* signatures in 13 days. The conventional wisdom is that means 3,000 or even 4,000 total signatures, just in case people aren’t registered or their information isn’t legible.

In 13 days even 2,000 seemed a stretch; most candidates use the full two months. So many people thought it wasn’t possible to qualify for a city-wide race in such a short timeframe, by any means.

I’m so excited to share the final total for signatures turned in to the Board of Elections: *** 4,834 ***.

That’s not a typo. Four-thousand, eight-hundred, and thirty-four signatures.

SO MUCH of this is due to the incredibly hard work of so very many friends, neighbors, and allies. One amazing friend rushed to Trader Joe’s during a child’s violin lesson for another 40 minutes of signature-gathering, *while sick*. Another shamelessly talked up the importance of DC’s shadow senators to a crowd in a loud bar before passing around a petition. And so many lurked outside metro stops, and interrupted book clubs, and brought petition sheets to play outings, and stopped people walking down the street, to ask for 20 seconds of people’s time and a quick signature. Several thousand times over.

Until April 2nd, the public can choose to challenge the signatures of any candidate. I’m spending that time planning for a campaign, recovering from the all-out effort of these 13 days, and thinking about how best to thank those who threw themselves so wholeheartedly into this effort with me. THANK YOU.

Petition batch #1 at the Board of Elections