Endorsement: Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau!

What an amazing week. I’m so very proud to announce our campaign has the endorsement of Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau!

In addition to being a fellow active statehood supporter, Councilmember Nadeau is also a fellow working mom who actively pushes to make elected office easier for women. I loved the example she set in pumping breastmilk for her newborn from the Council dais during a lengthy public hearing. Her support for me, as another woman seeking elected office, means so much.

As she shared with her supporters, “I hope by now you’ve heard me talk about the importance of full democracy for the people of the District. Statehood is our path forward, and I’ve worked arm-in-arm with colleagues to tell Congress to keep their #handsoffDC. Just as it was four years ago for Ward 1, it’s time for some new energy for our Statehood Delegation.

We need a more modern, more strategic approach to the work toward Statehood.  Andria Thomas has the experience and vision to be a leader of that effort.

That’s why I am endorsing Andria Thomas to be the next US Senator (Shadow) for the District of Columbia.”

 Thank you so much for the kind words and support, Brianne! I look forward to working with you soon as DC’s next Shadow Senator.

Our Shadow Senators are elected every six years with the job to advocate fully for DC Statehood.  It is an unpaid position and anyone who serves as Senator, or wishes to, gives much of themselves to the cause of Statehood.